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#348 Mystery Cafe presents: Death By Chocolate

chocolate drizzleI mean, if that's the way I have to go, than I suppose that's how it's going to happen...

Count Chocula welcomes you to ChocoCon 2011! Lady Godiva and Billy Wonka have come together to announce their newest creations. Their innovations are the Golden Ticket to chocolate success!

But not everybody is at ChocoCon to celebrate deliciousness. Strawberry Shortcake doesn't like the new creations. She prefers treats to be more natural and wholesome. Larry, the Oompa-Loompa also shows up with more than catchy songs to share. He has a big surprise that he's waited years to share. They have every reason to make things difficult for Billy and Godiva. But are they angry enough to murder?

Help Wonka sort through the clues and interrogate the suspects. Find out who was willing to go so far as to cause a... DEATH BY CHOCOLATE!

Where: Elephant & Castle Restaurant | 161 Devonshire St
When: Saturday, Apr 9 7:30p
Price: $49


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