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Happy New Year!

Happy New Years!

2009 was certainly an eventful year in the Boston real estate market.  From auctions to foreclosures, from plummeting sales last winter to the recent market upswing this winter, from the $8000 home buyer tax credit to record low mortgage rates, and from luxury condo sales to new apartment rentals, we were witness to an incredible amount of market shifts and turns.  What a year!

New Boston apartments website and other exciting news!

boston apartments screenshot

I know the updates have been slow around here for the past few weeks so I apologize.  Between going down to D.C. for a week for the National Association of Realtors mid-year meetings in early May to several new projects we are really trying to get done, I've been swamped!  Not that you care about my excuses, of course, so I hope to get going full steam ahead again shortly.  In the meantime I have a couple "sneak peeks" of some of the things I've been working on!

What the hell happened to our Yelp reviews!?

charlesgate realty yelp page views

I was really a fan of Yelp, and becoming a bigger fan by the day - until yesterday that is.  I had just logged into my business owner account to check on traffic to my company profile and see if their were any new reviews, etc.  To my horror, half of my company reviews were gone!  When and why it happened, I don't know.  It was apparently a stealth operation under cover of darkness - one minute the reviews were there, then they were gone.  No notice.  No explanation.  All I know is that we had eight reviews (six 5 star, and two 4 stars if I remember correctly - I no longer even have an "archive" access to them), and now we have four 5 star reviews.

Something fun to start your week off right....


Figured we could all use a little fun to start the week today.  Check out this SNL skit "Don't Buy Stuff" courtesy of Hulu.  The faces Steve Martin makes are classic!  Plus the beauty of this is that its so true!  Now only if we could get all of Congress to get this concept too.....wishful thinking I suppose....


Back Bay: What's happening right now in your neighborhood?


This is a new (and hopefully) re-occurring post on this blog about what's going on in your neighborhood right now.  I'll feature different neighborhoods weekly - a little community service, if you will.  Definitely check out the Events Page as well - and suggest your own events for us to add!

Happy New Year! Best Wishes in 2009


Merry Christmas!


For a bit of mindless holiday fun (and to get your mind off the terrible economic news lately), take a look at the Christmas and Holiday themed computer wallpaper and screensavers (like the one above) from "Smashing Magazine", one of my favorite graphic design sites on the web....


23 neighborhoods: a boston real estate blog??


I am doing a little re-branding with this experiment I call a blog so please bear with me if things act or look a little funky while I adjust some of the layout and graphics over the next few days and weeks (hopefully not months!).


What I hate about Boston....trains, planes, and automobiles


or....         NOT. REALLY.

Julia Child was a spy?


Wait a minute….what!?!

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