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How the Boston Globe gets the Boston apartment market totally wrong


Another fine example of poor journalism when it comes to business reporting was just printed in the Boston Globe today in the article "Advantage, renters".  Here's my take (from my Boston Apartments Blog):

There's a simple reason why newspapers like the Boston Globe are struggling to find readership.  They have completely lost the trust of readers by too often not telling a complete and accurate story with facts to back it up.  I'm not trying to be all Pollyanna here - reporters have tight deadlines, article size constraints, and now threats of job losses and pay cuts.  I understand all that.  But one thing that is so frustrating to me is not providing all sides of a story and, too often, a lack of working knowledge about their subject.

Boston apartments market report for summer 2009


There's always plenty of news and data released about the sales market (too much at times!), but if you're a renter or a landlord in Boston you may care more about the Boston apartment market instead.  So where to turn?

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